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Chances are when you picture your retirement and contemplate the rest of your life, it brings up many different thoughts and emotions. The meaning of retirement continues to change and looks different for everyone. You may have a certain retirement age in mind, a plan for how to spend those years, or you may even hope to remain engaged and employed in full or part-time work in your current field. No matter the path you seek, I want your retirement to be your choice.

Generally, the meaning of retirement starts to get personal as we get older. Well, maybe that’s as I get older. As I celebrated the fifth anniversary of my 40th birthday, I’ve both witnessed and experienced much of the good and bad of aging. The good news is that we’re probably going to live longer than we previously thought possible. But living longer can also be the bad news. As we live longer, additional planning and resources are required to maintain our livelihood and finish life comfortably. I’m continually reminded that this isn’t a test run. This is the real deal. We only get one take, no re-do’s. 

~Brett Anderson, President St. Croix Advisors

St. Croix Advisors is focused on helping you reach your financial and investment possibilities by simplifying and organizing your financial lives all in one place.  
Want to know exactly where you stand financially on a daily basis and in real time?  
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